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Dust & Air Dual purification

Robotic Vacuum + Air Purifier 2 in 1


  • Laser Smart Navigation, No blind spot
  • Using PM2.5 high efficiency filter HEPA filter
  • Exclusive patent for dense grooves to prevent exhaust gas pollution

  • Imported brushless motor, more powerful suction

  • Floating ground module, large particles and small fine dust will not be missed

  • Pet hair dust module, capturing both short hair and long hair

  • Ultraviolet directional sterilization module, baby proofing the floor for crawling toddlers

  • Virtual wall, anti-drop, anti-winding, no more stucked vacuum during home cleaning

  • Multi-functional APP is on call 24/7 to achieve a smart home


Smart Laser Dual-Purification Mop-Free Vacuum VESTA K

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