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About Matsuyan

With the development concept of "innovative research and development, intelligent life", using original design and exclusive technology, Matsuyan Dynamic Research Laboratory was one of the earliest pioneers in the robotic vacuum industry in the world.


Innovation & Smart Lifestyle

Robotic Vacuum Pioneer

Matsuyan Dynamic Research Laboratory was established in 1990. The founder takes "innovative research and development, intelligent life" as the development concept, and believes people in every corner of the world has the possibility to achieve evolution in lifestyle through designer's ingenuity .

The combination of industrial design and scientific and technological wisdom is the most valuable core competitiveness of Matsuyan Dynamic Research. Since 1999, MDRL has cooperated with Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute and began to enter the robotic vacuum industry. With its innovative design and exclusive technology, it has successfully owned exclusive intellectual property rights in the United States, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, becoming the first in Taiwan and one of the earliest pioneers in the robotic vacuum industry in the world.

After ten years of continuous innovation and efforts, Matsuyan Dynamic Research Laboratory has successfully ranked as the second largest provider of R&D and manufacturing technology for robotic vacuums in the world.

A better new home cleaning experience is the purpose pursued by Matsuyan Dynamic Research Laboratory. Through extensive experience of assisting OEM & ODM customers, we have accumulated demand and insights for global home cleaning, and integrated artificial intelligence and electromechanical technology by technological means. Develop intelligent robotic vacuum suitable for different settings.


The Achievement

Global Patent Layout

Matsuyan Dynamic Research Laboratory is committed to the research and development of smart cleaning household appliances. In the field of robotic vacuum and air purification, which are most familiar to most people, Matsuyan Dynamic Research has more than 100 original patents in the world, covering the United States, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries, and the patents include robotic vacuum, air purification, and it’s relevant coverage of technical application.

The Vision


With the development of AI and autonomous driving image navigation in the IT industry, the next generation of navigation systems will be based on visual navigation. As early as nearly ten years ago, Matsuyan Laboratories cooperated with the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute to develop the next-generation indoor all-round cleaning robot visual navigation and positioning system. And in 2012, it obtained patent certificates in the United States, China and Taiwan.

In 2021, Matsuyan Dynamic Research will officially enter the market with its own brand MATSUYAN in order to provide the market with more reliable, efficient and intelligent products! With the purpose of providing global localization services, we entered the global market! In August, it launched two high-end intelligent G & K all-round cleaning robots named Vesta series, which started in the US market and gradually entered the European, Japanese and Asian markets.

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